BETTER ENERGY COMMUNITIES This grants supports new approaches to achieving energy efficiency in Irish communities

Better Energy Communities –
Large scale Energy Saving

This program is designed to get communities working together on energy efficiency projects that will result in reduced energy use and reduced costs across a community.

Residential :

  • Up to 50% funding
  • Private Homes: Up to 35% funding
  • Private Home Deep retrofit: Up to 50% funding
  • Housing Associations: Up to 50% funding
  • Local Authority: Up to 35% funding

Community Facilities/ Non for profit:

  • Up to 50% funding
  • community halls | sports clubs | schools and resource centres |churches etc

Private Sector:

  • Up to 30% funding
  • Commercial buildings | Industrial buildings | SME’s | Hotels | private nursing homes etc

Example of Measures

which are eligible for funding:


This community project combines Multiple Beneficiaries & Partners, linking Domestic, Commercial & Community & Public Sector. The total energy savings were: 6,900,000 kWh and the project was value was €3.4 million

The energy hub is here to help businesses, community groups

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In 2018, through the coordination of NCE Insulation €18.5 million worth of energy upgrades will take place around Ireland under the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Better Energy Communities scheme. The energy hub is here to help businesses, community groups, schools and SME’s access this funding. We facilitate energy efficiency measures by working closely with specialist contractors, consultants, electricity suppliers and help source Innovation Finance Solutions. Contact us today if you have a project in mind. We can also link you up with other groups in your area.